Vote for the Forgotten Sands achievement to be included

by: John -
More On: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
If you're on Facebook, you can vote for an achievement/trophy to be included in the next Prince of Persia game, The Forgotten Sands. You have until February 18th to do so and the winner gets put into the game. This is your chance to put your hand into putting something in the game so speak up and vote.

The five are:
option 1:Master of the elements - Use every elemental power ten times.
option 2:Floors are for losers - Wall-run at least one half of a mile (.8 kilom
option 3:Princely skill - Finish ten enemies in a row using the aerial slash.
option 4:Be kind, rewind - Perform your first rewind.
option 5:They call me the Sandblaster! - Overcome 500 enemies.
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