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Vorpal Blade snicker-snacks into auction

by: Sean Colleli -
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Epic Weapons is adding an interesting piece to their catalog of replica swords: the Vorpal Blade from American McGee's Alice. If you're going to the San Diego Comic Con you can pre-register for an auction starting on July 22nd, when the first 25 Vorpal Blades will be auctioned off. You can also place a pre-order at the Epic Weapons website. This is a little strange as the game is ten years old, but it is a fitting 10th anniversary event and probably a promotional tactic for the recently announced sequel.



EPIC Weapons to auction first 25 American McGee’s Alice Vorpal Blades beginning with a pre-registration opportunity for participants starting today with the auction kicking off on July 22, 2010 and concluding on July 31, 2010

In honor of the 10th anniversary of American McGee’s Alice, Epic Weapons today announced the company is creating a commemorative Alice Vorpal Blade and Display Stand, which will be available for pre-order purchase at the International Comic-Con in San Diego from July 22nd to July 25th. The first 25 Alice blades will be up for live auction from July 22 – July 31. Participants may pre-register for the auction starting today.

American McGee’s Alice Vorpal Blade is an exact replica of the blade wielded by Alice in her adventures in the original game. The Vorpal Blade is a limited edition collector’s item and will be available for only a short period of time.

WHO: American McGee’s Alice

WHAT: American McGee’s Alice Vorpal Blade and Display Stand celebrating the 10th Anniversary of American McGee’s Alice

WHEN: The Commemorative Alice Vorpal Blade and Display Stand will be available for

pre-order purchase at Comic-Con from July 22nd to July 25th.

The collector’s piece is also available for pre-order purchase now at www.epicweapons.com or www.weaponmasters.com

Pre-register for the auction at www.epicweapons.com/auction.php

WHERE: EA booth at International Comic-Con

San Diego Convention Center

CONTACT: Ioanna Hawkins

Epic Weapons



Lisa Chan

Electronic Arts for Alice



Released in 2000, American McGee's Alice is a third-person action/adventure PC game that adds a thrilling and distinctive new chapter to the classic Lewis Carroll tales, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The game features strangely familiar characters and fantastic settings abound as an older and wiser Alice returns to reclaim Wonderland from the evil rule of the deranged Queen of Hearts.