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Fans of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) will be happy to hear that RaceRoom Entertainment, Eurosport, and SimBin Studios will be releasing a virtual adaptation of the 2012 season as a free download series. In Virtual World Touring Car Championship 2012 (V-WTCC 2012), gamers will be able to participate in the entire WTCC season calendar of races online or at the actual events themselves. Gamers that attend the actual races will be able to experience firsthand high quality racing simulators.

In both the online and actual race events, gamers can compete for points in virtual hotlap races. Gamers can double their points by visiting an actual event. A winner will be announced at the season's end. Those looking to start their engines must visit the official RaceRoom Entertainment website for further details as the first game package will be releasing in April. As the season continues, the other two game packages will be released to coincide with the actual races. Don't fret about buying the game, everything will be released for free throughout the season.

Virtual WTCC 2012

RaceRoom Entertainment, Eurosport and SimBin Studios are proud to announce the Virtual World Touring Car Championship 2012
– a free PC game

During the WTCC 2012 season, people from around the globe will get the chance to test their skills as virtual drivers online as well as onsite at selected WTCC events.

Throughout the season, a V-WTCC roadshow using a 400m2 gamepark will be visiting selected events of the WTCC championship.

The Virtual Championship covers the complete WTCC season calendar. The gamers visiting one or more of the WTCC events will be able to compete in high quality racing simulators. The gamers not visiting a real WTCC event can simply compete from their home PC still having the chance of winning the Virtual WTCC Championship.

The competition is a point based Hotlap contest. All points scored in online and onsite events go in to the championship scoreboard where a winner is announced at the end of the season.

Onsite points are worth twice as much as points scored in the online events, so it will really pay off to participate in the actual WTCC events that will be visited by the gamepark.

As the headline suggests, the V-WTCC 2012 is not only a roadshow and a championship. It is also a free PC game featuring the WTCC 2012 cars and circuits.

The game is developed by SimBin Studios AB and will be released in steps via as the WTCC season unfolds.

The first game package covering 1/3 of the season will be released in April, around the same time as the online competitions are started.

More details of the competition calendar, competition prizes as well as a more detailed presentation of the project partners will be announced later via

About Eurosport:
Eurosport is today Europe's leading sports entertainment group. Eurosport, the N°1 pan-European TV channel, is broadcast in 20 languages reaching 123 million homes across 59 countries. Eurosport HD, the high definition simulcast of Eurosport, was launched in 2008 and is today available in 39 countries and 20 languages, offering over 2,500 hours of native HD broadcast. Eurosport 2 is one of the fastest-growing TV channels in Europe, reaching 50 million households in 16 languages across 47 countries. Eurosport 2 HD was launched in August 2009 and offers extensive coverage of premium properties such as Bundesliga football. Eurosport Asia-Pacific reaches 15 countries in the region. Eurosportnews is a 24-hour news channel providing up-to-date sports TV news transmitted worldwide. Eurosport Events is the group's world-class sportng events management and production division, which promotes an impressive array of international sporting events such as the FIA World Touring Car Championship and the Global Champions Tour equestrian event.
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About RaceRoom Entertainment
RaceRoom Entertainment AG is an entertainment company based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland with production facilities in Germany and Sweden. RaceRoom develops virtual racing hardware and racing game software for use in stationary or mobile business applications next to solutions for home users. RaceRoom offers a real world of racing by innovative simulation technology, in which everyone - whether young or old - can experience the unique fascination of motorsports using their personal R-Card™ - a technology uniquely tied to the RaceRoom concept. The stationary business concepts are sold as turn-key installations to entertainment, restaurant and amusement industry and the mobile RaceRoom concept are offered to provide the same entertainment at temporary or moving locations. Furthermore RaceRoom Online features a community portal on which end users can register using their R-Card™ and from there access their gaming statistic and join in organized competitions and more. The rapidly growing RaceRoom concept is today represented on multiple key locations all over Europe and in the US and further expansion plans include the Middle East region.
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About SimBin Studios AB:
SimBin is an award winning Swedish game development company with special focus on authentic racing games. With multiple industry awards and critically acclaimed titles in the bag already, the continued goal is to make authentic race gaming equally enjoyable and rewarding for beginners as well as for the hardcore veterans of the genre. In the SimBin portfolio of developed games you will find award winning self owned immaterial properties like the GTR and RACE game franchises next to “free to play” game concepts such as Volvo The Game as well as RaceRoom The Game which are spread to millions of users globally.
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