Virtual On Force in full glory

by: Jeremy -
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Andriasang has posted some of the clearest and highest-res screenshots of Sega’s Virtual On Force that have been shown to date. It appears that while the game is getting a bump in the graphics department, it isn’t being completely made over. The game still appears to use the classic graphic styles and designs, simply increased to a higher resolution. I am not one to complain though because it looks good enough for me.

There has also been some light shed recently on the Virtuaroids included in the game. The primary set of Virtuaoids will contain the following familiar designs:

Temjin 708
Temjin 747
Apharmd J
Apharmd T
Fei Yen
BAL Series

Aside form these base designs, there will be numerous variations and models selectable in the game... with some designs offering close to 10 separate models. Hopefully we will get a US announcement at E3, as many of these screenshots contain quite a bit of English. A sign of things to come? Let’s hope so...

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