Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown brings the battle to a close

by: Jeremy -
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 What is it with all of these companies drawing out a fighting game title through umpteen revisions before moving on to true sequels?  Oh well, I guess I am to blame partially because I am one of the people who continually buy the upgrades... and am happy to do so.  Sega is looking to extend the life of Virtual Fighter 5 with a new edition that made its debut in trailer form at the AOU Amusement Expo.  Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown is coming to Japanese arcades with a strong possibility of home console ports in the future.
There has not been a ton of information about the title release in terms of the new content, other than blanket statements that it will include new costumes and moves for the existing characters.  Sega has assured players that anything that they have collected or unlocked in the previous iteration(s) of the game will be carried over to the new version... so all of your work wasn't in vain.  You can check out the trailer, courtesy of Andriasang below:
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