Viral Survival coming to WiiWare

by: Chad -
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flOw was a pretty neat game that someone sent me a link to a few years back.  (Yeah, there just went 10 more minutes of my life.  Why did I post that?)  Sometimes we need a simple minded game to put the stress of life on the back burner.  NIS America knows this and that's why they are bringing Viral Survival to WiiWare this Spring.

Dubbed an "escape action game," Viral Survival will put players in control of a DNA unit to dodge through enemy virus attacks.  Save a friendly and they'll attach to you.  Save more and pretty soon you'll have a long "tail" of units you've rescued. 

There are five different game modes according to the video with a few other options to mix up the fun.  Check out the trailer and the overwhelming amount of screens below.  Click here for the website, and expect Viral Survival to be on WiiWare for 1000 points in a few months.

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