ViewSonic and NVIDIA announce the V3D245, a 120Hz 1080p display with built in IR emitter

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ViewSonic was one of the first companies to come out with a 120Hz 3D capable monitor that worked with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision a two years ago. While you got the great 3D picture, you were limited to 1680x1050 for the resolution. Well, today ViewSonic in cooperation with NVIDIA is announcing a brand new display that’ll take the resolution up a notch and reduce a little clutter on your desk.

The ViewSonic V3D245 is a 24-inch 120Hz LED display capable of 3D and features a resolution of 1920x1080. You’ll get 20,000,000 : 1 dynamic contrast ratio and 300 nits of brightness as well. The IR emitter that normally sits somewhere on your desk is now built into the bezel so that’s one less thing that’s going to be taking up space.

A few monitors already support HDMI 1.4 for 3D and you can now add the V3D245 to the fold. You can now hook up a Blu-ray drive to the monitor and watch 3D movies or hook up a PlayStation 3 to it and play supported games in 3D as well.

Those that are short on space such as students living in dorm rooms who want to experience 3D will be happy that this display will allow you to experience 3D content from both a PC with supported GeForce hardware as well as game consoles and movie players. Also, the monitor has two two-watt SRS Premium Sound audio speakers so all you really need is a video source and this display to be able to see 3D and hear the content as well.

I spoke with Erik Willey, LCD monitor and PC product marketing manager for ViewSonic and Michael McSorley, product marketing manager for NVIDIA about this brand new display. It’s ViewSonic’s first full 1080P LED 3D based product so they’re pretty excited about it.

For those wanting to run three of these in 3D Vision Surround, Michael told me that the drivers are smart enough to dynamically shut off the built in emitters of the monitors so you won’t get any interference from the other emitters. That’s pretty good and easy for the end user so you don’t have to fiddle around and manually turn them off when running multiple V3D245.

Erik touted the futuristic design of the monitor with the nice curvatures and high gloss finish along with the glass accent on the front bezel. There are also touch sensitive buttons as well to help round out the high quality look.

Erik also mentioned that this monitor will be great as a 2D display for productivity citing the 120Hz motion blur reduction and full resolution display. There’s no downgrade in performance in traditional windows applications that run at 60Hz.

There’s no Display Port connection on this monitor and Erik said they are waiting for Display Port 1.2 to be finalized before producing a product with that. He said perhaps the next iteration of their 3D monitors might have it if. Now, Display Port 1.2 was finalized January, so I’m assuming that it wasn’t finalized while this monitor was in its final stages of production.

The V3D245 looks like a pretty good monitor for those wanting to do both great 2D and 3D in a large display. With the IR emitter and speakers built it to the display, you can save some space using just this monitor. It will retail for $399, which is solid price for a monitor of this size and capability and it will include one pair of NVIDIA’s 3D Vision active stereo 3D glasses. Look for the monitor to be on sale in the third week of August.

I’d like to thank Erik Willey and Michael McSorley for their time.

ViewSonic Drives Display Innovation with New 3D Vision LED Monitor

ViewSonic’s V3D245 monitor includes NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ wireless glasses and built-in
3D Vision emitter to enable a new era of 3D entertainment

WALNUT, Calif. – August 1, 2011 – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today continues its leadership in display innovation with the new V3D245 – a 24-inch 3D, full HD (1080p) LED monitor that includes a built-in NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ wireless emitter and NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses.

Combining world-leading LED technology with extraordinary power-saving performance, this 24-inch (23.6-inch vis.) monitor offers a stunning 120Hz frame refresh rate and ultra-fast 2ms video response time, and HDMI 1.4 input making it ideal for delivering a truly immersive 2D and 3D entertainment and gaming experience. Paired with a 1920x1080 full HD resolution, 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 300 nits high brightness, users can expect great color accuracy and picture detail for unsurpassed 3D image quality.

The integrated NVIDIA 3D Vision wireless emitter gives users the flexibility to connect to an NVIDIA® GeForce®-equipped PC to play more than 525 3D games in full 1080p, 60 fps resolution, view 3D videos and photos, and stream 3D web content. Users could also choose to connect directly to the latest Blu-ray® 3D players or PS3 consoles via the standard built-in HDMI 1.4 input. Additionally, the integrated two-watt SRS® Premium Sound™ audio speakers provides consumers the ultimate multimedia entertainment display.

“Gamers, movie buffs and photo enthusiasts will love moving up to 3D. And there’s no better way to do so than with ViewSonic’s V3D245 3D monitor, with its built-in NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, which produces the most immersive and crystal clear 3D images,” said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at NVIDIA. “Set-up is quick and easy. Simply connect the monitor to your NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, put on the included NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses, and start enjoying games, videos and photos in a whole new way.”

NVIDIA’s 3D Vision drivers support more than 525 video games in 3D, with more being continually added. In addition, hosts hundreds of 3D videos and thousands of 3D photos that can be seen with a free web browser and a 3D Vision system. YouTube also supports 3D Vision, with thousands of videos now available for viewing in stereoscopic 3D.

“Whether for work, play or media enjoyment, our new V3D245 monitor offers the highest level of compatibility with both PC- and console-based 3D content, and is ideal for delivering an incredible 3D experience,” said Erik Willey, LCD monitor and PC product marketing manager, ViewSonic. “By pairing our exclusive 120Hz, LED-based 3D technology with NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, we are able to deliver a new world-class level of performance that will shape the future of 3D gaming and entertainment.”

The V3D245 comes standard with ViewSonic’s strongest pixel performance guarantee and 3-year limited warranty. ViewSonic’s V3D245 3D monitor and included pair of NVIDIA 3D Vision active stereo 3D glasses and will be available in North America during mid-to-late August for an ESP of $499.
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