Vanquish officially has my attention

by: Jeremy -
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I am still trying to figure out who spike d Sega’s creative juice this year and set them on fire... because they have been knocking it out of the park for 2010. The year kicked off with the fantastic Bayonetta, continued with the “way better than I would have imagined” All Stars Racing, and besides the mediocre reviews, launched a financial winner with Alpha Protocol. Their next game, Vanquish, looks to be perhaps the best of the bunch.

Vanquish is due out this October, from producer Shinji Mikami and Platinum Games, has often been described as “Gears of War on speed”. The fast paced, third person action game focuses a lot on cover and fire mechanics as well as getting up close and pummeling your enemies. The newest trailer of the game, shown below, gives a good sense of the storyline while also demonstrating quite a bit of actual gameplay. Consider me sold...

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