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As time passes, more and more details are slowly starting to appear regarding Sega’s upcoming sci-fi shooter Vanquish. Platinum Games and Sega are currently on track to launch the game worldwide this coming Winter, presumably around the holidays. Platinum Games has built quite a reputation for their selves with the likes of MadWorld and Bayonetta, and this project has them working alongside Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami.

According to a recent issue of Famitsu, the game’s plot consists of the following, which I have summarized for your reading convenience:

In the future, America has founded the 51st state in the form of a space colony known as Providence. This colony / state was formed for the sole purpose of farming solar energy and sending it down to Earth for usage. A Russian resistance group has hijacked the colony and used it to launch war on America and destroyed what we know as San Francisco. The U.S. government has been put on notice to give their unconditional surrender or else New York City would become the group’s next target. Players will assume the role of a soldier by the name of Sam Burns who will carry out secret orders issued to him by the government. Sam’s primary weapon you may ask: the top-secret Augmented Reaction Suit, or ARS. This prototypical battle armor consists of “carbon nano tubes and offers the strength of steel in a package as light as air”. Not only is the suit a tough form of armor, but it will also grant Burns capabilities beyond the scope of standard weapons.

Sounds interesting enough to me... where do I sign up?

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