Valve says you're being trolled on all those supposed Half-Life 3 leaks

by: John -
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A t-shirt with Half-Life 3? False. An ARG site that's popped up recently? Fake. Anything about Half-Life 3 right now is currently fake. That is according to Chet Faliszek of Valve Software.

He says in the forum post that we're all being trolled. Well, how's about you give us some concrete info on the game then? :)

To quote GlaDOS, it's been a long time and I think it's time we start hearing news on the next Half-Life game. Episode 2 was released in October of 2007, that's four years ago. Consider that the gap between Half-Life and Half-Life 2 was 6 years and you can see Valve could have almost had enough time to create a brand new engine and game since the release of the previous game.

Hmm, four years and counting and no new Half-Life game. Six years between the first two games which gave us the Source engine. Yeah, I'm expecting a brand new engine for the next game whenever that may be.
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