Valve reveals the Steam Controller

by: Travis -
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The last connecting dot in Valve's plan to dominate your living room and sofa has been revealed to be the Steam Controller, which is said to "bridge the gap from the desk to the living room without compromises." The controller's prominent features are dual trackpads that are also both clickable. The controller's center includes a touch screen that offers access to additional controls in games that aren't covered by the normal buttons.

Another major feature of the controller is that Valve has designed it to work with the complete Steam catalog of games, both old and new releases. The technology tricks older games into believing they're being controlled by a keyboard and mouse. Other advanced technology implemented into the controller includes what Valve refers to as "super-precise haptic feedback," which employs the use of dual linear resonant actuators (or weighted electro-magnets) to create vibrations in each trackpad.

Lastly, all of the controller's buttons can be customized through a configuration tool that has built-in Steam Community support. Steam users will even be able to participate in the controller's actual design and development. Read the complete details about the Steam Controller to see whether it will become a fixture of your future living room.

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