Valve releases new developer tools for free

by: Chuck -
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Valve has taken the wraps off their new Steamworks developer technologies.  These tools allow developers to add voice chat, community features, matchmaking, and a bunch of other cool features to their games for the low price of zero dollars.  That's right they are giving away these tools for free as a way to get developers to sell their games through their online service.  While this isn't necessarily a big deal for gamers this is a hell of a deal for developers as Valve is giving them a big set of tools for free.  This just isn't some toss away crap either as this is the stuff that Valve uses in Half-Life 2 and CounterStrike.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to this as Steam is a big competitor of Windows Live and it has the added benefit of handling digital distribution, something that Microsoft has yet to get working on the PC side of the house. 
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