Valve now offering Prima Guides in Steam, we show you how to get the same info for free

by: Chuck -
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As I was doing my last news sweep of the day I found this article on the Valve blog which covers how Valve is now offering Prima Strategy guides inside of Steam.  I have to admit I gasped a bit as it seemed kind of silly as there are already ways to get that information inside of Steam.  My faithful dog Tasha was also surprised by this and gave me this look which signifies either "People don't know about the Steam in game Web Browser" or "Give me some string cheese dammit".

To access the in game browser just hit Shift-Tab inside any Steam game (such as Supreme Commander 2) .  The link to the web browser is at the bottom of the screen. 

From here all you have to do is enter the address of your favorite tips site and you've saved yourself a bit of money. 

The guides are on sale for half off this week but I still wonder why anyone would want to pay for a guide when you can get essentially the same information for free.
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