Valve making three announcements next week, perhaps on the SteamBox

by: John -
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The mythical SteamBox from Valve might not be so mythical after all as we got word today that they are making three announcements next week. They have an announcement page up talking about how the Steam Universe is expanding in 2014. There's also a countdown right now to the first announcement.

I have to say, Big Picture mode for Steam is pretty slick from the visual and design to the unique way to enter in messages with a controller. I've built a SteamBox and that's taken over my living as the "console" I go to. My Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has been relegated to the basement because of how nice the SteamBox is.

So, now we wait on what the three announcements will be. I know some will hold out hope that the third will be Half-Life 3, but we all know the truth, right? Maybe.....

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