Valve implements server scoring system

by: John -
More On: Team Fortress 2
One of the things you want when playing online is a good server. We all have our favorites but what happens when they are full and you want to play on a new one? How will you know it's a good server to play on? Valve's trying a server scoring system for Team Fortress 2. Basically, the server starts at a base line of 0. Anytime a player connects, the server loses 15 points. For each minute the player is on, the server gets 1 point capped at 45 per player. This promote servers that have players who play on it for a long period of time. If you fall below a threshold, you get delisted from the server browser. Password protected servers are exempted. It's an interesting method to try and weed out bad servers so we'll see if it works and see how people try to game the system.
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