Valve caters to gamers and directors alike

by: Jeremy -
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Valve has taken their source engine to an entireley new level this week thanks to the release of the Source Filmmaker. The product is now available for no charge in  its beta form to all users of the Steam platform.

The Source Filmmaker is a storytelling tool developed by Valve within their popular game engine. It is also the same tool that Valve used to produce their “Meet the Team” series of videos for Team Fortress 2. Just like the other Source modding tools, there are plenty of official assets being offered by Valve but the actual creation process is completely in the hands of the users.

In order to help gamers get started, Valve is offering a series of tutorial videos which can be found on the Filmmaker’s official page. I am very curious to see what the user community comes up with using this tool. You can check out an introduction video to the tool below.

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