Valve bringing Steam/Games to Mac

by: Chuck -
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After a week of rumors it looks like the cat is officially out of the bag as Valve is bringing Steam and all of their source based games to the Mac platform.  This is fantastic news for Mac gamers as this pretty much doubles the number of games available for the platform.

Valve is doing a couple of cool things with Steam though as if you own the games on the PC you'll get the Mac version for free.  You'll also be able to save your games to the cloud which will allow you to play games on one platform and then finish the game on the other.  There's no word if the servers will support cross platform gaming or not (Team Fortress 2 matches with the Mac folk would be nice) and no word on if the platform is going to be getting any exclusives any time soon.

I'm not sure this is the move that's really going to get PC game makers to port their games to the Mac platform.  Sure the hardware is nice but Mac folk aren't exactly a large part of the marketplace.  If you think about it this is a nice way for Valve to make a lot of additional money (and good will) off their existing games.   Hopefully this means that Valve can finally finish work on Half Life 2:Episode 3 which will now be available on both platforms.
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