Valve adds DLC support to Steam

by: Chuck -
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Valve announced today that they are now supporting fee based downloadable content on Steam.  This will allow developers to build in hooks for additional content in their games and then charge gamers for that content.  The feature will be built into Steamworks as well.  The first game with this capability will be the indie game The Maw which will get a few new levels in the future.

This is certainly good news for developers as it now gives them the capability to use their existing games as a platform for new content.  Of course with great power comes great responsibility and hopefully developers do a little planning when they plan out their DLC strategies so they can avoid repeats of the bruh-ha-ha that Bethesda had with the Horse Armor in Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion and that Capcom is facing now with Resident Evil 5.  This also gives the platform a leg up on the other digital distribution systems like Stardock's Impulse service.
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