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It's not what you think, not a thumboard for the DS browser, but a 13 note, full octave electronic keyboard for use with Valcon's Easy Piano. Coming early next year, the game will let you practice and learn real piano--no colored buttons here, this looks like the real thing. The peripheral plugs into the GBA slot on the original DS and the DS Lite. The game includes the same keyboard on the touch screen but if you have the peripheral it's a lot more authentic.

Real Piano supposedly has a track list full of famous songs and a song creator too. I'm interested how the sound quality will work on the DS but needless to say, this is a fascinating idea. I've been waiting for Activision to expand their music game empire into Keyboard Hero, but this realistic approach is more appealing to me. I mean, look at that peripheral. Classy.


First‐Ever Nintendo DS™ Piano Game to Include Groundbreaking External
Peripheral Keyboard

Redmond, WA (November 4, 2009) – VALCON GAMES today announced that it is the North
American publisher and distributor for EASY PIANO. Created by the production company Game
Life, Easy Piano is a new innovative piano music game for the Nintendo DS™ system that lets
players enjoy a realistic piano experience, thanks to a 13‐note, full‐octave external keyboard
peripheral that exponentially amps up the fun. With Easy Piano, players can learn how to play
the piano, or simply play a quick game where the Easy Piano display prompts you to hit certain
keys, similar to other popular music games currently on the market that also have external
peripherals. This product will be available in North America in early 2010.

“No matter what age, Easy Piano makes playing and learning the piano a wildly fun experience,
and Valcon Games is excited to bring it to the North American market.” said Glenn Halseth, CEO
of Valcon Games. ”We truly believe in this exceptionally fun product, and once players get their
fingers on the keyboard they will understand why.”

Would‐be pianists have the choice to play using a virtual 8‐octave, 13‐note keyboard on the
Nintendo DS™ touchscreen, or using a real external 13‐note keyboard peripheral specially made
to work with Nintendo DS™. Whether taking piano involving lessons or selecting a quick game,
all players will be tutored in the correct finger movements and skills required to become a
mobile virtuoso.

With 2 difficulty modes, everyone can have fun testing and improving their keyboard skills. The
game’s track listing contains some of the world’s most famous songs, spanning time and
genres, to offer something for everyone. A creation mode also allows players to record up to
four 3‐minute‐long masterpieces. Players can choose from piano, or a number of other
instruments included with the game, to create their musical opus.

Easy Piano’s lesson mode is specifically designed for people discovering the wonders of piano
for the first time. With a series of 10 lessons and a host of mini‐games to teach the basics, any
player, old or young, would learn and be entertained at the same time with this product.

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