VR Mode for Team Fortress 2 with Oculus Rift support coming

by: John -
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Valve's making good use of the upcoming Oculus Rift VR headset and creating a VR mode for Team Fortress 2. With the Oculus Rift, one can look around via head tracking and see the world in 3D, Engadget reports.

Oculus Rift provided the dev kits and Valve took what was given and ran with it as Valve wants to see how players use the VR headset in their game. Essentially, everyone that's using it will be a data point for Valve. They want to see if there's a future in this type of technology. 

After having experienced the Oculus Rift at E3, I'm very tempted to pick one up for myself for both development and entertainment purposes. With news of Team Fortress 2 support, the chances of me getting one just want way higher. 

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