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User unlocks debug mode, offline play and editing highway outside the boundary possible

by: John -
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It wouldn't be another day without some SimCity news right? Well today's video comes courtesy of Kotaku. Some person has gone and did a little hacking and unlocked a debug mode of sorts for the game.

What can you do in debug mode? Well you can edit freeways, which are outside the boundaries of the game. He said he was also able to remove the limit on playing when disconnected to the server. Yes, you don't get the region stuff, but you get a sort of sandbox mode that a lot of people have been clamoring for.

The cities also save and sync on the cloud and there's another thing that's hidden in there. There are tools, though not working, that show terraforming capabilities. 

This is all nice and dandy, but it won't fix the horrible AI that Travis, I, and many others have found in the game. That's going to take a lot more effort.