Update on Stardock vs. GameStop: the broken street date

by: Adam -
More On: Demigod
If you haven't heard already, let me catch you up.  A few days ago GameStop broke the street date for Stardock's new PC game Demigod forcing the game's support team to work over Easter weekend after an intense eight week crunch.  A broken street date isn't news in itself and if the only problem was some Easter overtime this wouldn't be a terribly big deal.  However, because of the earlier than expected release piracy of the game is maximized, which could effect the game's sales.  A paranoid person might think GameStop did this on purpose to counter the game's digital release on Stardock's Impulse digital distribution service... good thing Stardock isn't paranoid.  Demigod is now available a little early on Impulse, and it's obviously available at GameStop as well.  I sincerely hope Demigod does well, because the game looked like a lot of fun so hopefully the game isn't effected too badly by this mistake.
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