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A week following its release on Xbox Live Arcade, TimeGate Studios has announced that they have released an update for Section 8: Prejudice, a first-person shooter currently available for Xbox Live Arcade and soon to be available for PCs and the PlayStation Network.  The update includes:

* Fixed a rare shader system crash that could occur randomly during gameplay
* Fixed a crash that could occur when signing out of LIVE when a message about downloading DLC was on-screen, then attempting to access the marketplace from the DLC message
* Fixed an issue where the game was not correctly upgrading from the Trial Version to the Full Game when logging in with a LIVE account that had previously purchased the game
* Improved visibility of the Loading screen Deploy button after map transition
* Fixed an issue where an inactive sign-in change would disconnect players from Prejudice Online
* Fixed an issue where custom match browser search options saved from a previous run of the game were not reflected in the UI on subsequent runs, even though the actual search options were saved correctly
* Added the ability to reconnect to Prejudice Online without resigning-in, by selecting the Stats button without a connection.
* Added improved Region and Language dedicated server options to help players join servers that are near their region and have players of the same language
* Fixed an issue where idle dedicated servers would get into a bad state after an extended period of time
* Added descriptive error message for when a dedicated server fails to launch due to requiring an update
* Fixed an issue where dedicated servers would sometimes not reconnect to the stats system properly.

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