Update: O'Bannon v NCAA Class Action Suit

by: Sean Cahill -
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When we last left you in the ongoing saga of O'Bannon v NCAA, the hearing involving the use of likenesses between former players and the NCAA and EA Sports, a hearing had come to a close with little to report other than the judge had decided to ask the Plaintiffs to adjust their suit to include a current player.  According to multiple outlets, the Plaintiffs have indeed done just that, but are currently keeping the name of the player private for fear of reprisal from anyone to go after a current player on this lawsuit.  There is no report as to whether or not the Plaintiffs have gone through the process of actually amending the lawsuit yet again (We are now on five amendments and counting over the last several years) but, if a current player has been added, that means we are one step closer to figuring out how this saga is going to end.  

Judge Claudia Wilken is reportedly weighing the arguments from both sides and, while I would still expect some type of hearing between now and the decision for certification or not, she has not broken her silence.  There isn't an expected turnaround time on this, as certification hearings can take weeks or even months to determine.  While the world of college sports and sports gaming eagerly wait for something from the federal judge, there is very little to actually speculate.  No comments have been made by either side since the end of the hearing, though both sides would prefer a decision sooner rather than later.

We will keep you updated if there are any further developments.
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