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News from Tecmo today entailed the release of Undead Knights on PSN for the PSP. If you got lucky and took advantage of the accidental release of the full game on ruse of a free demo, this is probably not very exciting. For the rest of you, however, the game is now available for download on PlayStation Network.

This portable zombie action game packed with metal music gives you a chance to be on the dark side of the fight. Create your own army of bad mannered zombies by converting your enemies into your soldiers, and dabble in the three modes offered in multiplayer.

UNDEAD KNIGHTS (DIGITAL) is available now on PlayStation Network!

Visit PlayStation.com's Official Game Page for more details: http://www.us.playstation.com/PSP/Games/Undead_Knights


Also available on PSP on UMD at GameStop! Up to 4 player mayhem in ad-hoc multiplayer!


Playing as the anti-hero, rage through the wrath of fearless enemies and build the nastiest and most profane army you can think of in this new-style invasion action game. Prepare to wash the mouth of your army with soap as they can't help but engage in zombie bashing dialogue over a raging metal soundtrack that helps your channel your inner anger. If you can deal with the gut-wrenching, Smack-talking, fluid-spitting, and limb amputating ways of your army, you can embark on your journey of vengeance to defeat the king.


* The Dark Hero Persona: This game atypically allows you to be the "evil" main character who serves as an anti-hero figure
* Create a Zombie Army: Defeat as many enemies as you can to transform them into your own personal soldiers
* Combo Attacks: Choose up to ten different combo attacks to fight your way through varied enemies ranging from animals to soldiers
* Show Some Personality: Prepare to wash the mouth of your army with soap as they can't help but engage in zombie bashing dialogue
* Head-Banging Madness: A raging metal soundtrack helps channel your inner anger
* On a Mission: Get ready to face the king in the fifth mission for each of the four main areas
* PSP Ad-Hoc Multiplayer: Challenge yourself against others in 3 different modes including a zombie pillow fight!
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