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Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta goes public today

by: Russell -
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Starting today, fans of the Uncharted games can download the Uncharted 3 multiplayer public beta from the Playstation Store.  The beta lasts from now through July 14th with different gametypes and maps available on certain days.  From July 7th - 9th, players can check out The Airstrip and The Chateu maps while playing Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Team Objective, Hardcore, and Co-op Hunter.  From July 10th - 14th, gamers can enjoy The Airstrip and Yemen maps while palying Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Three Team Deathmatch, Hardcore, Co-op Adventure, and Co-op Arena.

Gamers who play the beta can also get rewards when they pick up the final game.  For each of the goals you meet below, you'll get the respective rewards:

Goal 1: Download the Beta
Reward 1: Receive the exclusive U3 PSN Beta Tester Avatar.

Goal 2: Complete 10 matches in every mode of Competitive Multiplayer
Reward 2: Receive the Exclusive Beta Decal Pack 1.

Goal 3: Complete 5 matches in every mode of Co-operative Multiplayer.
Reward 3: Receive the Exclusive Beta Decal Pack 2.

Goal 4: Complete 4 Treasure Sets
Reward 4: Receive the Treasure Hunter's Starter Pack.

Goal 5: Rank up to level 25 in the Beta.
Reward 5: Receive a handsome reward of in-game starting cash on day one!