Uncharted 3 brings UC multiplayer to a new level

by: Jeremy -
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Sony has released the first details on the multiplayer options in the upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake’s Fortune. Naughty Dog is making a conscious effort to make Uncharted 3 the “go-to- game when it comes to multiplayer on the PlayStation 3 and it appears to be shaping up nicely.

While Sony and Naughty Dog are being a bit stingy with the details, it is known that the game will include multiple versions of team deathmatch at the least. Not only is there a traditional team versus team variation, but also a 3 team variation as well. The game will also include a fair share of boosters (perks), weapon modification options (cosmetic and functional), detailed character customization options, and the ability to sprint (finally).

Additionally, a beta test for the mutliplayer portion of the game was announced for the summer. The test will kick off on June 28, 2011 through the PlayStation Network. Early access to the test is being offered to both PlayStation Plus subscribers and owners of specially marked copies of inFAMOUS 2.

You can check out the new multiplayer trailer and some new screens below, courtesy of Sony: 

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