Uncharted 2 demo ended, but more copies of the Fortune Hunter Edition available for winning

by: John -
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If you enjoyed the multiplayer demo of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, well sorry to say it's no longer live. Just when I was getting into it to they decide to pull the plug. Well, that's OK as the game's released today and Chuck's been pushing through it to try and get you a review of it as soon as possible. He also has my copy so I'm stuck without any multiplayer U2 action until I pick it up from him.

Since a few folks were clamoring to win a Fortune Hunter Edition of the game and the servers for the demo went boom, Sony's making it up to you guys a little bit by increasing the amount of Fortune Hunter Editions that are available to be had. All the info is available here but would those that already have the game want to win another one? I guess it'd be the one to keep and you can give the other copy to a friend in need. Welll, duh yeah you would want this edition no matter what since it's not sold in stores. My bad.

Guess I can wipe that demo off my PS3 hard drive now.

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