Ubisoft's DRM server really works in a bad way

by: John -
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Ubisoft has gone and done their own DRM thing in trying to stem the tide of piracy. In order to play the game, even in single player mode, you have to be connected to the Internet. I mean, all the time while you are playing. Not just to authenticate but there always has to be a connection.

Well, it's a two way street though and now people can't play Assassin's Creed 2 or Silent Hunter V because the authentication servers are down. Yeah, that's not very good. I mean, is anyone surprised that something like this would happen?

I don't know why companies just don't use Steam or use their model in DRM. Look, I know pirates are sucky and they cause some lost revenue but you can't take these extreme measures to try and prevent these types of things. In the end, the pirates will have a copy out there so the best thing to do is to provide just a small system that only affects the casual copier but not make it so you can't play the game if the authentication server goes down.
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