Ubisoft working on 10 new Natal games and 4-5 new Sony wand controller games

by: John -
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If you want to keep count on how much support the two new motion sensing controllers coming from Sony and Microsoft are getting, here's the Ubisoft breakdown. Ubisoft is planning on producing 10 Natal games to be released within 6 months of the peripheral's launch. With Sony's wand controller, the company's looking at four or five new games for that setup.

So what can we take out of this in the big picture? Nothing really. Ubisoft just wants to make more Natal games than wand games initially. Another company like EA or Activision might go the other way. In the end, it'll be good to see a good amount of games coming for both setups and let's hope that there are some quality titles out there to make the two setups good pickups rather than being just gimmicky add-ons.
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