Ubisoft wants to get you laid

by: Jeremy -
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The title says it all...

Ubisoft has revealed a new game for the Nintendo Wii in Europe called We Dare and its... well... how do I explain this? The title appears to be min-game compilation / party game meant to “bring adults closer together”. Make sense? You can check out the reveal trailer for the game below and see what I mean.

We Dare is a party game for couples and involves “kinky” challenges (their words, not mine) and hilarious games geared for adult enjoyment. The title, or better yet the trailer, is the talk of the internet right now in the gaming world and once you see it you will know why. Honestly, I am little shocked that it took this long for a company to release something like this. I would also like to note that I find the rating for the game amusing as it is recommended for users 12 and up... not in my house! The video reviews for this title have the potential to be hilarious...

Although the trailer shows it as a Wii game, I have read reports that it will be available for the PlayStation 3 and PS Move as well. Currently, Ubisoft has stated that it has no plans to release the title stateside.  

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