Ubisoft launches games-for-girls portal Ubiworld

by: Marissa -
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Today Ubisoft announced that Ubiworld, a games-for-girls hub dedicated to Imagine, Petz, and Style Lab games, is live at http://ubiworld.com.  The free website, designed for tween girls, allows visitors to interact with the Ubiworld characters and pets, create their own avatars, play mini-games, unearth exclusive in-game content, and find out more about upcoming games.

Girls can use their avatars to scooter to four different islands. A PDA allows each member to check stats and search for new friends. Ubiworld users can also customize their houses with items "purchased" with points earned by exploring islands and playing mini-games.

Parents will have a place to check out ESRB ratings and explanations of Ubi games at the Parents Corner.

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