Ubisoft / Shaun White ditching the snow

by: Jeremy -
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 Ubisoft and Shaun White are hitting the consoles once again this coming holiday... but this time they are ditching the snow in favor of the asphalt.  The new game, entitled Shaun White's Skateboarding will take gamers into the world of Shaun's other love.  With the decline in Tony Hawk's grip on the genre and the rise of EA's skate, Ubisoft is stepping to the plate with what they are billing as "an innovative twist and fresh take" on the skateboarding genre.  
The game has been in development for a little while by Ubisoft Montreal and will likely hit all of the major platforms on the market.  The game is being targeted for a holiday 2010 release and will probably be one of Ubisoft's focus titles at this year's E3 in Los Angeles...

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