UT3 gets the LE treatment

by: Chuck -
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Midway announced today that they will be shipping a limited edition version of Unreal Tournament 3.  The LE will include an art book and a DVD with tutorials on how to use the mod tool kit, a history of UT, and a behind the scenes video on how the game was made.  I'm becoming less and less a fan of the limited editions of games but this one sounds like it might be worth just for the development kit tutorials.
Midway today announced an exclusive PC collector's edition for the highly anticipated first-person shooter, Unreal Tournament 3. This limited edition is encased in a special tin hard cover. Included is an Art Book featuring the flawless art style found in the vehicles, characters, weapons and environments that are signature trademarks of the Unreal Tournament 3 universe. In addition, the limited collector's edition includes bonus DVD extras, featuring:

    * Unreal Engine 3 Toolkit Video Tutorials - More than 10 hours of in-depth tutorials about game modifications that can help players break into the game development business
    * The History of Unreal Tournament - Take a look at the history of Unreal Tournament, while hearing first-hand interviews with the creators and team behind the legacy.
    * Behind the Scenes of Unreal Tournament 3 - Get a deeper look behind the making of the FPS giant and how the dedicated team at Epic Games crafted its return
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