Two, two, two GeForce GTX 470 GPUs in one

by: John -
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Check out that baby below. That's a prototype card from Galaxy Tech that Hot Hardware spotted over at Computex sporting two GeForce GTX 470 GPUs on one PCB. That's a lot of processing power as well as power requirements as well. The card's mighty big and has two 8-pin power connectors and 3 Dual-DVI plugs so that you can get your triple monitor 3D Vision surround groove on.

My GeForce GTX 480 pumps out a lot of heat when working so I can't imagine how hot this puppy gets. While it wasn't running, it's still cool to see one company trying to get it out there even though. Now, some prototypes that get shown off never make it as a consumer product but let's hope this one does.

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