Two races and one class revealed for TERA

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As the trek towards Westernization pushed forth, En Masse Entertainment has new pieces of news to divulge to Tera-expecting fans. Two featured races (of the seven to be found in the game) and one of eight featured classes has been revealed today.

The baraka are something of gentle giants, and scholars to boot. The popori, on the other hand, are subjects of nature. These spirits carry a “no nonsense” attitude and are just as stubborn as opponents in battle.

The featured class is the archer. This class fights with long range damage as well as traps to hinder an enemy before it even reaches the party. Most gamers will be aware of the archers’ strengths: namely long range damage and agility when confronted. These archers bring their stealthy behaviors into their social interactions, as well.

Read on for the full details, and check below for new assets. 

En Masse Entertainment™, the company behind the pioneering action MMORPG TERA™, returns with a fresh installment of news from the world of TERA. In preparation for the game’s highly anticipated 2011 launch, En Masse offers a look at their commitment to Westernization and continues with the next installment in En Masse’s series of race and class features, this week spotlighting two of the game’s seven mythical races and one of eight unique classes. Read on for more, and head to the links below to download new supporting assets, including video.

TERA Westernization: Thinking About Audience
Some people hear the word "Westernization" and think, "Ohhhh…you mean translation." Others think it's just a matter of eliminating any sentence that begins with "All your base…" To truly Westernize, though, we have to go deeper than that. Yes, there are times when funny translation mishaps drive us to change things, but as we Westernize TERA, we're looking at the game as a whole and distinguishing what type of gameplay our players want and what kind of story will pull them in. Working with the development team, our bottom-line goal is to make sure that when you sit down to play, you feel that TERA was made for you.

Featured Races: baraka and popori – Looks Can Be Deceiving
Knowing the baraka descend from giants might lead you to the assumption that they share a similar personality, but you couldn't be more wrong. Though daunting in height and size, they have a gentle nature and deep intelligence. These are the scholars of the world, and they spend much of their time studying and researching.

This does not mean they would make a poor choice in combat, however. On the contrary, the baraka may be pacifists when it comes to matters of philosophy, but they are fierce in defense of the weak. It is never wise to cross someone who not only knows the proper way to crush a skeleton, but is strong enough to do it.

The poporis are nature spirits—animals taken from the forest by the elin, who awaken them to sentience. They retain most of their animalistic qualities, including a childlike ignorance of common social niceties in favor of bluntness and brevity. They believe that communication should be simple so that everyone can get to carrying out their orders.

A common misconception about poporis is that their "cuteness" should be synonymous with "weakness"—though the foolish few who have acted on this assumption have quickly learned their error and, if they live, they are sure not to repeat it. Poporis are formidable foes on the battlefield, and they rarely feel guilt or shame at their actions.

Featured Class: archer
Archers are clever tacticians, studying the art of making their prey come to them. They must know when to engage at range and when to dash in for the close-kill. They rely on their skill and agility to keep safe. A quick archer can whittle down a foe before it becomes a danger to the party, using a combination of traps and weapons to manipulate a fight to their advantage.

Some take this manipulative tendency out of battle and bring it into their social circle, where they focus on controlling conversations and social situations to suit their needs or desires. It wouldn't be fair to say that you can't ever trust an archer's motives, but staying alert is always wise.
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