Two new features revealed for Darkfall: Unholy Wars

by: Russell -
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Aventurine as revealed some details for two new features for Darkfall: Unholy Wars that involve character progression and the salvaging skill.

The new character progression is based on Prowess Points, which are a representation of a player's accumulated experiences, victories and achievements.  Most interactions with the world will award you with Prowess including, but not limited to, harvesting, crafting, killing monsters, completing feats, and more.  You can then spend that Prowess to improve your attributes, combat, and harvesting skills.

As for salvaging, it's basically the reverse of crafting; it takes a crafted item and breaks it down into the raw materials that was used in its construction.  This was basically a long-time player request as it was fully implemented during the beta process.

More information regarding the game's new features can be found at
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