Two industry staples call it quits

by: Jeremy -
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It is a sad day in the video game world as 2 media outlets that I consider staples in the world have officially called it quits. One is an indie site and one is one of the oldest and most prominent names in video game print media.

First off, Gamepro has officially ceased publication and will shutter its website effective December 5. The print version of Gameplay shifted to a quarterly release this past Summer. The website portion of the company will be absorbed into PCWorld. Unfortunately, this just applies to the name as the entire staff of both the print and website publications will be laid off. It is always sad to here of our industry peers losing their jobs, especially this close to the Holidays. We can only pray that they land new jobs quickly in the new year.

On the indie side of things, popular news blog GameSetWatch has announced that it is going on permanent hiatus. The site was recently updated with a farewell address from the heads of the site: Simon Carless, Eric Caoili, and Danny Cowan. The site is calling it quits because they are seeing an overlap in their content with their sister sites. It was decided that it would be beneficial for all of those involved with the project to focus more on their sister sites rather than rehashing the material on GSW. Although this one has a semi-happy ending, we are still saddened to see the blog fold.

We wish the best of luck to everyone involved in both of these projects.

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