Two co-founders of BioWare say goodbye

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You can't be at a company forever and it's not uncommon for those that start a game company to leave one day. And so, two co-founders of BioWare, Ray Muzyk and Greg Zeschuk, are retiring from the company.

Ray and Greg along with Augustine Yip founded BioWare in 1995. They started out creating Shattered Steel, a MechWarrior type game that got the attention of a few publishers. But it was Baldur's Gate that really set them on the map. 

They've dabbled in a few action games, but RPGs really drove the success of the company. The Mass Effect series is one that has garnered a ton of praise and criticism over the years. Dragon Age also started out well and they are looking to get back to making that series solid with the third game due out late next year.

Now, all three are no longer with the company as Augustine Yip left early on to go back into medicine, where the original three once were. BioWare is turning the page and it just won't feel the same without Ray and Greg there. But, that doesn't mean the company won't be producing some great games in the future.

I wish Ray and Greg luck in their next phase of their life and say Thank You for all the great games they've produced while at BioWare.

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