Turn yourself into a Resident Evil 5 Majini on Facebook

by: Marissa -
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To celebrate the launch of Resident Evil 5 on PC, Intel is launching a new Facebook app that will let you change the appearance of a regular photo to that of a Resident Evil-inspired Majini. Visit apps.facebook.com/majini-makeover to start your gruesome makeover. You can share your infected pictures with your Facebook friends as well.

Once you select an image from your (or a friend's) picture library, use the tools to add stitches, worms, scars, and other marks of infection. Use a group photo of you and your friends to create a horde of zombies.

Entering your Majinified image into a public Facebook gallery qualifies you to win a desktop computer, copies of the game, Resident Evil 5 collectibles, and five top of the line Intel Core i7 processors, which Resident Evil 5 has been optimized for.