Turbine Shows Off Legendary Items for LOTRO: Mines of Moria

by: Eva -
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Turbine showcased the new Legendary Items on Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria this weekend. Now gamers can have a weapon as cool as Andúril Flame of the West for their own.

I recently had the opportunity to walkthrough the Mines of Moria with Cardell Kerr, Creative Director; Aaron Campbell, Live Producer and Michael Jablonn, Lead Producer. Legendary Items are a big part of MoM and I had the chance to play with several of them. They're superior to the socketed items used in similar MMOs in my opinion. Each has the potential to become a unique and personalized item to aid you on your journey through Moria into Caras Galadhon. These items go far to eliminate the need to trade in your gear all the time for the next best thing as Legendary items level with you.
Each player is allowed to carry six of these specialized items with them at anytime. You get your hands on these artifacts through drops and Crafters also can produce these using special recipes. You can trade for them as well or get them at the auction house. Once you've managed to find one of these precious items, you need to take it to the Forge Master to have it's special properties identified. These properties buff the character's stats but also enhance their class skills. The Forge Master can also reforge your weapon once it levels up sufficiently to gain new properties. Like Narsil, Sword of Elendil, that was reforged into Andúril your Legendary items can undergo some amazing transformations when they're reforged.

If you can't use the item you've found or need to free up a slot for an item with properties more suitable to your gameplay style and aren't inclined to sell or trade it, you can bring it to the Relic Master who will  break it apart for you to salvage the material component runes. The Relic Master is also the NPC that creates new runes from the shards and fragments of power you find along your journeys.

Legendary items is a feature that is perfectly suited to and even absolutely necessary for Lord of the Rings Online. I believe that gamers will see similar systems gradually incorporated into other MMOs.
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