Try the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo, available now on Xbox and PSN

by: Sam -
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Final Fantasy fans itching to see what Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is all about finally have a chance to find out thanks to a demo that will go live today on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The demo will give a small taste of some of the games major features, including the new battle system, real-time events, and character customization options. You will embark on a short quest ending with a boss, and if you manage to clear the whole demo and upload your score you will receive a special outfit based on Siegfried from Final Fantasy 6. If you play the PS3 version you will also be able to gain another special outfit, the Utsusemi Samurai garb.

Although I didn't enjoy Final Fantasy XIII (and never tried Final Fantasy XIII-2) some of the videos of Lightning Returns have actually grabbed my interest. The combat reminds me of the PS2 action game God Hand, and it seems like Square-Enix is trying to do something new and different with the game. I'm all for experimentation, and I can't wait to check the demo out for myself. If you enjoy the demo check out the full game when it releases in North America on February 11th.


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