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Test your memory, reflexes and dexterity by responding to rapid-fire questions in Encleverment Experiment.  This 1-4 player XBLA game is being developed by Blitz Arcade and is set for release on November 11, 2009.  The avatar-supported title has questions for all gamers ages five and up so it should be good for families to play together.

There are 16 mini-games and puzzles with four difficulty levels each.  Check out the screens below as well as a game play video.  If it peaks your interest, download Encleverment Experiment on 11/11 for 800 MS Points.


Brain-teasing Xbox™ LIVE® Arcade game coming next week; How clever are you?

LEAMINGTON SPA, UK – NOVEMBER 5, 2009 – Blitz Arcade announced today a November 11, 2009 release date for their Xbox™ LIVE® Arcade game, Encleverment Experiment™ – a clever game for clever gamers. To mark this announcement, the first trailer for the game was released today.

Encleverment Experiment, an Avatar™-supported original title for 1-4 players, is a fun and challenging “battle of wits” hosted by the eccentric Professor Ivor Question in his funky laboratory. Players get to test their memory, reflexes, and dexterity responding to rapid-fire questions with multiple answers to choose among. The game’s questions range from easy (for gamers starting age 5) to difficult (for adult gamers) making Encleverment Experiment a great game for children, teens, and adults playing alone or in groups, and it’s an ideal game for families to play together.

Response time and accuracy are rewarded with Noodles, the in-game currency. The game’s challenge is to accumulate Noodles, but out-braining your friends and family is great fun, too.

16 Fun Mini-games and Puzzles Encleverment Experiment offers 16 fun and mind-challenging mini-games and puzzles including:
· Griddled (find the only word in a word search-style grid);
· Copy Cat (remember the sequence of new eye colors every time the cat blinks);
· Semi-Vinyls (piece together broken records like a jigsaw puzzle);
· Stepping Tones (match sounds to colors); and
· Oddest One Out (identify which one of four patterns just doesn’t “fit”).

Each mini-game offers four levels of difficulty to cater for gamers of all ages and ability.

Single- and Multiple-player Modes of Gameplay
Single Mode lets individual players take the Professor’s five-round tests in mathematics, pattern recognition, reactions, and memory. They can battle against one of 15 AI opponents at a time with each victory unlocking the next, more skilful contestant.
Game Show Mode lets 1-4 gamers play mini-games, answer randomly generated quizzes, or design their own “Home-made Games” up to 30 rounds long. The last round is always the “Score Stealer Game” – the first person to answer correctly gets to steal points from the fellow contestant of choice.

Winners are rewarded with Noodles which are used to purchase up to 60 collectible Mascots to show off their gaming prowess.
Encleverment Experiment is rated “E” for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Review Board, and all in-game content is safe for children to enjoy.

Players can buy Encleverment Experiment for 800 MS points from November 11th onwards.

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Encleverment Experiment is a trademark of Blitz Arcade. Xbox and Avatar are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Xbox LIVE is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

About Blitz Arcade
Blitz Arcade, founded in 2007, is a division of UK-based Blitz Games Studios. The division creates downloadable games across all platforms using Blitz Games Studios’ proprietary game development technology, BlitzTech.

About Blitz Games Studios
Blitz Games Studios is based in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom, and was founded in 1990 by industry veterans Andrew and Philip Oliver. The studio employs over 210 staff across six divisions: Blitz Games (family titles), Blitz Arcade (downloadable games), TruSim (serious games), Blitz Academy (training and education), Volatile Games (mature titles), and BlitzTech (proprietary middleware).
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