Tripwire Interactive publishing Break Blocks, available Feb. 29

by: Travis -
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Tripwire Interactive and Greater Good Games have announced the imminent release of their break-dancing puzzle game Break Blocks. Dayle Flowers, a former employee at Tripwire Interactive who was involved with Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2, and Noah Wood created Greater Good Games with the focus of building games to help others. The proceeds from every sale of Break Blocks will be shared with the "Doctors without Borders" charity. On February 29, Break Blocks will be available for purchase with a pay-as-you-want model.

The action-puzzle game Break Blocks places gamers into the role of a young break dancer that challenges 13 of the world's best dancers. The gameplay is described as a combination of the beat mechanics of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution with color-based block puzzles.

Break dance over to the the game's website for more details.

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