Traverser cuts between two sides of an industry-choked city, looks beautiful doing it

by: Randy -
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A six-person indie development team in Sweden, Gatling Goat Studios, is working on Traverser, a 2D/3D platformer tinged with whispering intrigue and lovely art. Main character Valerie narrates the story of her father returning from a business trip, seemingly a changed man, and carrying knowledge that foreshadows a brewing storm in a city choking on industrial revolution and totalitarian Big Brother-ism.

This trailer doesn't feature gameplay, though the screenshots below it hint at the environmental puzzle solving and storytelling. Valerie portals her way between two sides of the city – two sides of the same coin – in order to traverse (eh, eh?) past raven-masked guards. One side of the city is "right," and Valerie must find out which side that is. I don't know what that fully means for our protagonist, but Traverser has a world and a story and a game mechanic already up and running.

One of the screens below – that last top-and-bottom comparison shot – vaguely hints that the two sides of the city will be distinguished by their numbers of dimensions. Meaning, one side of the city is 2D while the other side is 3D. I like that idea a lot, but I'm only speculating until Gatling Goat clarifies.

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