Trauma Team Dev Featurette 11, and enough screenshots to put you into shock

by: Sean Colleli -
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Atlus is still gearing up for the release of Trauma Team, which is only a few weeks away. They've released the final developer featurette, which talks about the extremely challenging "resident" difficulty and the special medals you can earn for extra accomplishments in every operation. Trauma Team's "intern" and "specialist" difficulties are more forgiving than easy or medium were in the previous games, but "resident" really ramps things up--longtime fans looking for a challenge will not be disappointed.

Also in this update is a ton of screenshots, showcasing the medal system and the final chapter of the game (don't worry, no spoilers). While I thought the cutscenes were still a bit too static, the art is the best in the series. May is a big month for Wii with a few big releases, but trust me you shouldn't overlook Trauma Team. I really enjoyed it and it's budget priced at $40, when it has enough content for a $50 game.

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