Transform your next gen console into a retro console!

by: Sean Cahill -
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We have officially entered the new generation of gaming consoles now that the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have launched.  While many people have raved about the sleek look of both systems and how they integrate nicely with modern day entertainment stands, there are those who remember the times of retro gaming and long to have systems that still look like the ones they enjoyed during their childhood.  House of Grafix is catering to that crowd by releasing custom skins for your next-gen console by transforming them into the retro look in the form of an original NES.  While these are obviously just for looks, perhaps that retro gamer this holiday season will appreciate a simple stocking stuffer like this.  The Xbox One skin wrap sells for $16.95 while the Playstation 4 skin wrap sells for $14.95.  They can both be found at

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