Trailer for Dance Central 3's story mode revealed.... yeah...

by: Nathan -
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Well this is.... awkward. If you are a big Dance Central fan then we got something for you today. The debut trailer for Dance Central 3's story mode. Yes thats right... story mode. It appears that the evil Dr. Tan and his evil dance army doesn't like fun and wants to put an end to every dance party for good! With the help of the DCI or Dance Central Intelligence you will send the cities best dancers with their best dance moves from the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and beyond to save dance parties from around the world from being shut down. 

Yeah.... sounds like the plot synopsis for a new "You Got Served" movie.

Check out the trailer and all of its horrible, cheesy voice acting below! 

If you are attending PAX this weekend you will get a chance to play the game as it will be on the show floor.

Dance Central 3 launches on October 16th

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