TrackMania2 Canyon? Yes please!

by: Jeremy -
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Ubisoft has released a European trailer for the next game in the TrackMania series, entitled TrackMania 2: Canyon. The game is on track for a 2011 release on the PC platform.

I have always enjoyed the TrackMania series and this installment looks every bit as good as the previous ones. If you are a fan of arcade racers, I find it hard to see how you could “not” like this series. The new game looks to really be opening up the world even more than Nations did before it. Now, if we can only get the game released fully on home consoles... not just the PC and Wii / DS. I can envision this series being a big hit on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, perhaps on their respective digital platforms... what’s holding this back from becoming a reality?

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