TownCraft is exactly what it sounds like, and as cute as it sounds

by: Randy -
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We've seen TownCraft's formula before, but that doesn't diminish any of its charm. You start off as one person in the wilderness, then you chip away at resources, so you can mess around with inventory screens, so you can crafting bigger and more complex items, so you can chip away at more resources, so you can mess around with a bigger inventory know the drill.

Below is a 14-minute video demonstrating early gameplay. The narrating dev is able to move quickly by rote memorization, but the interface looks straightforward. Still, my concern is that—just like in Minecraft—I'm not seeing a screen with a convenient listing of crafting recipes. Alt-Tabbing between a gamescreen and a FAQ is so 2011.

TownCraft is coming to Mac and iOS this spring.

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